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VB/VBA Tutorials

In this section you will find a few applications that have been written using Visual Basic.
Most of them have been written to assist in a better understanding of VBA/VB and AutoCAD.
I have supplied the source coding with all projects but you will need to have Visual
Basic 4, or above, installed on your system to view and/or modify the source coding of the stand alone applications.

VB and VBA Tutorials

VB Standalone Applications

WAUN - World AutoCAD Users Network

VBA Applications  


Out Of Africa

This section contains articles and links with an African flavour that we believe will be of interest to our visitors
If you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us.

All Tutorials and Code are provided "as-is" for purposes of instruction and utility
and may be used by anyone for any purpose entirely at their own risk.

Please respect the intellectual rights of others or we will hunt you down,
 rip your arm off and beat you over the head with the sticky end.

All material provided here is unsupported and without warranty of any kind.
No responsibility will be taken for any direct or indirect consequences
resulting from or associated with the use of these Tutorials or Code.

In other word's, some of it was stolen and as you know when you acquire something off the "back of a lorry" it never seems to work right. So, so don't blame me when your system melts down and nothing ever works properly again!!

P.S. Most off this lot seems to work, I've tested them on my next door neighbors, brothers, sister-in-laws, cousins, best friends PC, and when I left it seemed to be working okay!!.

If you do use material from this site, please give credit where credit is due.

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