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Ed Jobe 2003

ResourceTool is a tool for use with VB to help with compiling resource dll's for a menu.

Normally, if you use the Resource Editor add-in and you load a bmp, the editor assings a sequential number as the resource ID. This means that if you want to continue referring to icons in your menu by a name, you have to rename all the ID's in the RES file.

This tool avoids that using the rc.exe tool that comes with Visual Studio. This utility can compile a C++ resource file (*.rc) into a VB resource file (*.RES).

This program requires you to act in a specific sequence.

  • Specify a source folder where the bmp's reside. I suggest creating a folder for your menu where you keep all the resources (the bmp's, rc, res, vbp and dll). When finished, copy the dll to the menu folder.

  • Specify an *.rc filename. Be sure to include the extension.

  • Click on the "Create *.rc file" button. The program then scans the folder for all the bmp's and builds an *.RC file in the folder specified in step 1, opening it in Notepad.
    You can check it for accuracy or delete a line, etc.

  • Click on the "Compile RES file" button. The program compiles this file from the RC file.

  • All you have to do then is, add the RES file to your dll project and compile the dll.

Download ResourceTool.exe

For step-by-step instructions on getting the dll to work with your menu, see :


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