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Enhanced Express Tools 2004 Menu

Enhanced Express Tools 2004 MenuIn AutoCAD 2004, Express Tools are again part of the standard AutoCAD installation.
For some reason though, certain of the Express Tools functions are only accessible through the command line and are not part of the Express Tools pull down menu.

To rectify this, I have modified the AutoCAD Express Tools Menu to include the Command Line functions.

Please note that this modification does not effect the functionality of the Express Tools default menu. It only adds to it.

Before you do anything though, you need to download the Enhanced Express Tools 2004 Menu by clicking here.

Now, the installation of the Enhanced Express Tools 2004 menu is a simple matter of replacing the default Express Tools menu - acetmain.mnu - with the modified menu file contained in the download zip file. 

Instructions :

Unzip the acetmain.mnu file contained in the zip file into the AutoCAD Support directory containing the default Express Tools menu. This can normally be found within a directory path that looks something like this :

c:/documents and settings/username/application data/autodesk/autocad 2004/R16.0/enu/support/

The username folder will, of course, change to suit your set up.

If you open AutoCAD and look under "Tools" - "Options" - "Files" - "Support File Search Path", you will also find the AutoCAD support directory listed there :

Unzipping to this folder, will overwrite the default menu file contained therein, so you may want to make a copy of the existing menu file before replacing it.

As we now want to force the Express Tools menu to recompile, you now need to delete the following two files from the same directory as the menu file :

acetmain.mns and

Now restart AutoCAD.
The Express Tools Menu will recompile and you will find that all the Command Line functions have been added to the Express Tools pull down menu.

Hint of the Day!!

Express Tools 2002 can be downloaded from here :

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