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VBA Fax (23 Kb)

Fax Dialogue

A lot of people now have E-Mail which makes the sharing of drawings a lot easier. But, not everybody has got AutoCAD, so even if you E-Mail the drawing to them they still cannot open it. You could fax it, but that has it's own problems.
Firstly, you must plot the drawing out to suit the size format of the fax machine,
or cut the drawing up into strips and fax it that way.
If you have a fax card and modem connected to your computer you can use a little bit of Visual Basic to send the drawing to your fax.
First of all you need to set your fax as the default system printer.
Next, open AutoCAD and go to Preferences - Printers and set up a default system Printer. Finally, open up the Fax VBA Application and change the Fax name to that of your Fax. That's it, you are ready to Fax any drawing. 

Here is the coding for the application : 
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    ThisDrawing.Plot.PlotToDevice "WinFax"
    'change the name of the Fax to suit
End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
End Sub

Thanks to Randall Rath of VBDesign for the idea for this project.....
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