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Environment Variables Listing.
Compiled and kindly donated by Stig Madsen.

Remember that environment variables are dependent on .. well, the environment, so each may or may not apply to a certain setup.
Some are almost described, some are definitely not. The first are OS dependent, the rest are AutoCAD dependent.

System related

(getenv "Path") ;string System search paths

(getenv "COMSPEC") ;string Cmd.exe path

(getenv "UserName");string User logon name

(getenv "Temp") ;string Temp path

(getenv "TMP") ;string Temp path

(getenv "ComputerName");string Computer name

(getenv "Windir") ;string Windows path

(getenv "OS") ;string Operating system

(getenv "UserProfile");string Current user profile path

(getenv "Pathext") ;string Exec extensions

(getenv "SystemDrive");string System drive

(getenv "SystemRoot");string System root path

(getenv "MaxArray");integer


(getenv "ACAD") ;string Support search paths

(getenv "ANSIHatch");string Pattern file for ANSI setup 1)

(getenv "ANSILinetype");string Linetype file for ANSI setup 1)

(getenv "ISOHatch");string Pattern file for ISO setup 1)

(getenv "ISOLinetype");string Linetype file for ISO setup 1)

(getenv "StartUpType");string Current default for StartUp dialog

(getenv "acet-MenuLoad");string Loading of Express Tools menu

(getenv "Measureinit");string MEASUREINIT

(getenv "InsertUnitsDefSource");integer INSUNITSDEFSOURCE

(getenv "InsertUnitsDefTarget");integer INSUNITSDEFTARGET

(getenv "acet-Enable");string

(getenv "LastTemplate");string Last DWT used

(getenv "AcetRText:type");string Current default for RTEXT "Diesel"

(getenv "Pickstyle");integer

(getenv "Coords") ;integer

(getenv "ShowProxyDialog");integer

(getenv "Osmode") ;integer

(getenv "EdgeMode");integer

(getenv "PAPERUPDATE");integer

(getenv "ACADPLCMD");string Plotter command string

(getenv "ImageHighlight");integer

(getenv "Attdia") ;integer

(getenv "Attreq") ;integer

(getenv "Delobj") ;integer

(getenv "Dragmode");integer

(getenv "UseMRUConfig");integer

(getenv "PLSPOOLALERT");integer

(getenv "PLOTLEGACY");integer

(getenv "PSTYLEPOLICY");integer

(getenv "OLEQUALITY");integer

(getenv "Anyport") ;integer

(getenv "Validation Policy");integer

(getenv "Validation Strategy");integer

(getenv "CommandDialogs");integer CMDDIA

(getenv "TempDirectory");string Temp dir

(getenv "PlotSpoolerDirectory");string Spooler dir

(getenv "DefaultLoginName");string Default login

(getenv "MenuFile");string Default menu path

(getenv "NetLocation");string Default URL

(getenv "ACADDRV") ;string Driver path

(getenv "ACADHELP");string Help path

(getenv "PrinterConfigDir");string Plotter path

(getenv "PrinterStyleSheetDir");string Plot styles path

(getenv "PrinterDescDir");string Plotter driver path

(getenv "NewStyleSheet");string Default .stb/.ctb file

(getenv "DefaultFormatForSave");integer Default saveas

(getenv "DefaultConfig");string Default pc3

(getenv "LastModifiedConfig");string Last pc3

(getenv "MRUConfig");string pc3?

(getenv "ACADLOGFILE");string Logfile

(getenv "MaxDwg") ;integer

(getenv "AVEMAPS") ;string Texture files path

(getenv "TemplatePath");string Templates path

(getenv "DatabaseWorkSpacePath");string Data Links path

(getenv "DefaultPlotStyle");string e.g. "ByLayer"

(getenv "DefaultLayerZeroPlotStyle");string e.g."Normal"

(getenv "LineWeightUnits");integer

(getenv "LWDEFAULT");integer Default lineweight

(getenv "CustomColors");integer

(getenv "Blipmode");integer

(getenv "ToolTips");string

1) used by MEASUREINIT and MEASUREMENT sysvars

Editor Configuration

(getenv "SDF_AttributeExtractTemplateFile");string ??

(getenv "AutoSnapPolarAng");string POLARANG

(getenv "AutoSnapPolarDistance");string POLARDIST

(getenv "AutoSnapPolarAddAng");string POLARADDANG

(getenv "AutoSnapControl");integer AUTOSNAP

(getenv "AutoSnapTrackPath");integer TRACKPATH

(getenv "PickBox") ;integer PICKBOX

(getenv "AutoSnapSize");integer

(getenv "PickFirst");integer PICKFIRST

(getenv "PickAuto");integer PICKAUTO

(getenv "MenuOptionFlags");integer MENUCTL

(getenv "FontMappingFile");string

(getenv "LogFilePath");string

(getenv "PSOUT_PrologFileName");string

(getenv "MainDictionary");string

(getenv "CustomDictionary");string

(getenv "MTextEditor");string

(getenv "XrefLoadPath");string

(getenv "SaveFilePath");string

(getenv "AcadLspAsDoc");string

Drawing Window

(getenv "Background");integer Background color

(getenv "Layout background");integer PS Background color

(getenv "XhairPickboxEtc");integer Crosshair color

(getenv "LayoutXhairPickboxEtc");integer PS Crosshair color

(getenv "Autotracking vector");integer Autotracking vector color

(getenv "MonoVectors");integer

(getenv "FontFace");string Screen Menu

(getenv "FontHeight");integer

(getenv "FontWeight");integer

(getenv "FontItalic");integer

(getenv "FontPitchAndFamily");integer

(getenv "CursorSize");integer

(getenv "HideWarningDialogs");integer:00000008 <- hit

(getenv "SDIMode") ;integer:00000000 <- hit

Command Line Windows

(getenv "CmdLine.ForeColor");integer

(getenv "CmdLine.BackColor");integer

(getenv "TextWindow.ForeColor");integert

(getenv "TextWindow.BackColor");integer

(getenv "CmdLine.FontFace");string

(getenv "CmdLine.FontHeight");integer

(getenv "CmdLine.FontWeight");integer

(getenv "CmdLine.FontItalic");integer

(getenv "CmdLine.FontPitchAndFamily");integer

(getenv "TextWindow.FontFace");string

(getenv "TextWindow.FontHeight");integer

(getenv "TextWindow.FontWeight");integer

(getenv "TextWindow.FontItalic");integer

(getenv "TextWindow.FontPitchAndFamily");integer

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