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Shadow Control

Would you like to place shadows on your controls?
Would you like to give your forms a 3D appearance?
The here we go......


'coding starts here

Option Explicit

Public Sub Shadow(f As Form, c As Control, clr As Long)
'This SubRoutine draws a shadow below and to the
'the right of a control. It's quite a simple example
'of drawing in form !

'Example : Shadow Me,Text1,vbBlack

Const shWidth = 3 'Width of the shadow
Dim oldWidth As Integer 'Save old DrawWidth
Dim oldScale As Integer 'Save old ScaleMode

f.AutoRedraw = True 'optional, but otherwise
'shadow won't remain when form is repainted
'or call from the Form_Paint() sub

oldWidth = f.DrawWidth 'Remember current DrawWidth
oldScale = f.ScaleMode 'Remember current ScaleMode

f.ScaleMode = 3 'Set to pixel scaling
f.DrawWidth = 1 '1 pixel width lines

'Draws the shadow by drawing a box behind the control
f.Line (c.Left + shWidth, c.Top + shWidth)- _
Step(c.Width - 1, c.Height - 1), clr, BF

f.DrawWidth = oldWidth 'Restore old DrawWidth
f.ScaleMode = oldScale 'Restore old ScaleMode

End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Shadow Me, Label1, vbBlack
Shadow Me, Text1, vbBlack
Shadow Me, Command1, vbBlack
Shadow Me, Command2, vbBlack
End Sub

'coding ends here

Download source coding here.

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