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AfraLisp Drawing Backup

Do you need to transfer drawing files from one directory or drive to another?
Do you work on your local drives then transfer them to a network drive at the end of the day? Or do you not trust your I.T. department and prefer to make your own backup of critical files?
Then the AfraLisp Drawing Backup is for you. What does it do? Have a sneak preview :

Choose the directories you would like to back up from the Drive/Directory list boxes on the right, clicking on "Add Folders >>" to add them to the "Folders Selected" list box. Highlight a directory in the "Folders Selected" list box and select the "<< Clear Items" button to remove, or select "<< Clear List" to remove all directories.
Next, select the "Browse" button to the right of the "Target" text box :

Select the target directory you would like your drawings to be backed up to and then select "OK." You will return to the main screen.

Now select "Start Backup" to process your selection. The text box at the bottom will give you a running status of progress.

When the backup is complete the Report Dialogue will appear listing the backup results :

Click on the "View Log File" to open the Backup Log File, or select "Continue" to process additional backups.

Select the "Backup All Files" check box on the main screen if you want to backup all  files including drawing files.

You can  also view the Log File from recent Backups by selecting the "View  Log File" from the main screen.

Download "" (173kb)

"AfraLisp Drawing Backup" was written using Visual Basic 6.

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