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Custom Application Setup III

To test our set up script, we first need to compile the script. Re-open "AfraLisp.iss" and choose "File" "Compile" from the pull down menu. Bells will ring and buzzes will buzz and at the end of it your script will be compiled. Have a look at your application folder structure now :

You should have a new sub-folder entitled "Output". Within this folder you will find a file named "Setup.exe". Double click on it. This should appear :

After you've had a wee read click on "Next".

Ha, ha!! Our License!! Select "I accept the agreement" and then "Next".

And next our "Warning". Select "Next" again.

Just default through this unless you really want to change the Destination Directory.
Select "Next" again. Phew!!

Happy with everything? Select "Install".

A progress bar will appear as your files are installed. Once complete, this will appear :

Just some instructions to let the user know what has happened in regards to the AutoCAD configuration. Nothing has happened though, because we disabled the "Acad Install" section of the script. Click on the "Next" button.

Select the "Finish" button to complete the installation.

Let's pop along to "Program Files" and see what we can find.

Hey, all our Folders, sub-folders and files have been installed.
This is magic!!!

Now look under "Start" "Programs" for "AfraLisp 2004 Custom Menu".

Select "Uninstall AfraLisp 2004 Custom Menu".

Before we go any further, we need to tweek our setup script just a wee bit more to integrate with "Acad Install".

Under the [Run] section of AfraLisp.iss you will find this line :

;the program to run
;Filename: "{app}\AcadInst.exe"; Description: "Launch AfraLisp 2004 Custom Menu"; Flags: nowait postinstall skipifsilent

Remove the semi-colons from the beginning of the lines and make these changes :

Filename: "{app}\AcadInst.exe"; Description: "Configure AutoCAD"; Parameters: {app}; Flags: waituntilidle

Now add this to the bottom of the script :

;run this program on uninstall
Filename: "{app}\AcadInst.exe"; Parameters: -U

Your script file should now look like this.

Okay, that's our script file complete. Now save it.

We now need to configure "Acad Install" to integrate with our setup application.
This we will do on the next page.

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