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Custom Application Setup V

To try out our full installation, we first need to re-compile our "setup.exe"
Re-open your "Acadlisp.iss" file and again choose "Files" - "Compile".
Again, open the "Output" folder and double click "setup.exe".

The installation will proceed as before until you reach this point and this dialog appears :

Select the profile that you would like to install your custom installation to, and then select "Okay" The Config page and the "Finish" page will then appear.

That's it, your custom installation is complete. Let's check. First have a look on your desktop. You should have a new shortcut icon entitled "AfraLisp Profile".

Right click on the icon and choose "Properties".

Note that the arguments for the "Target:" have been inserted and the "Start in:" directory has been configured.

Now open AutoCAD using your new icon.
A new toolbar should appear that looks like this :

Now choose "Tools" - "Options" from the pull down menu and select the "Files" tab:

Our new support file path has been inserted.
Let's check the "Template File" path :

Yep, it's there. Let's have a look at our Profiles.
Select the "Profiles" tab :

Hey, a new profile all to myself!!
Close the Options dialog and have a look at your menu bar.
You should have a new pull down menu named "AfraLisp Menu".

Well that's it. Mission accomplished.

Of course, this is in no ways a full explanation of what "Inno Tools" or "Acad Install" are capable of. They are both full of functions and capabilities that I haven't even touched on in this tutorial. Read the help files, play around with them, have a wee bit of fun.

(Have a look here if you would like a more detailed look at "Acad Install".)
Sorry, coming soon!!

If you would like to download the all installation files for this tutorial, please feel free to click here.

Although "ACAD Install" was primarily written to work in conjunction with "Inno Setup" it can also be used as a stand alone application. I find it particularly useful for configuring AutoCAD for a Network environment.

In a Network environment there is no need for a full blown installation application, as all of the support files, menu's, lisp files, etc. are already on the Network and are shared by each user. All we really require is a method of configuring AutoCAD to suit our Network paths. This is where "Acad Install" comes into play.

Read more about "Standing Alone with Acad Install".

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