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AutoLISP Programs

All programs are downloaded as .ZIP archives. You will need to unzip these files before use.

  • DDSTEEL (265 Kb)

    Written by : Kenny Ramage

    2D Metric Structural Steel Sections.

  • DDPIPE (274 Kb)

    Written by : Kenny Ramage

    2D Metric Piping Sections.

  • Bike Lisp (198 kb)

    Written by : Alan

    Would you like to design your own custom bicycle?

  • Test DCL Lisp (1 kb)

    Written by : M.P. Saju.

    Testing DCL files becomes a necessity when developing a good sized lisp application for easy input and understanding. This routine in lisp was written for just such a necessity.

  • Hot Blocks v1.2 (120 kb)

    Written by : by Lintang Darudjati

    A block manager with an INI style customization file and a dialog box, performing collection-grouping, file path display, and slide previews as 'hot thumbnails'. Build your own dwg block library with it, and make them ready to be inserted easily, anytime.

  • Slide Factory v1.0 (10 kb)

    Written by : by Lintang Darudjati

    Automates the process of creating multiple slides and slide-libraries. It creates slide files for all DWG files found in a user-selected folder. It also creates a slide library file (SLB) if desired. Just select a folder containing one or more DWG files, and the rest of process is in Slide Factory's hands.

  • Flanges (10 kb)

    Written by : Peter Best

    This program draws Pipe Flanges using a dialogue interface. Various flange specifications are included.

  • Metric Fasteners (8 kb)

    Written by : Peter Best

    This program will draw and calculate standard lengths of bolts.