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Vertical Layout.

This attribute specifies the orientation of a slider. Possible values are horizontal
or vertical. For horizontal sliders, the value increases from left to right.
For vertical sliders, it increases from bottom to top.
Default : horizontal.

DCL Code Sample 

lisp49y : dialog {				//dialog name
          label = "layout" ;			//give it a label

	: row {					//define row

	: list_box {				//define list box
	  key = "lb1";				//give it a name
	  list = "A\nF\nR\nA\nL\nI\nS\nP";	//the list
	  height = 8;				//give it a height
	  fixed_height = true;			//fix the height
	  width = 4;				//give it a width
	  fixed_width = true;			//fix the width
	}					//end list box

	: column {				//define column

        : slider {				//define slider
        layout = vertical;			//make it vertical
        key = "myslider" ;			//give it a name
        max_value = 10;				//upper value
        min_value = 0;				//lower value
        value = "5";				//initial value
	big_increment = 2;			//define big increment
	alignment = right;			//align it right		
        }					//end slider

        : edit_box {				//define edit box
         key = "eb1" ;				//give it a name
         edit_width = 2 ;			//2 characters only
        }					//end edit box

	}					//end column

	}					//end row

        ok_only ;				//predefined OK button

        }					//end dialog
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