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This attribute specifies the horizontal or vertical positioning of a tile within its cluster.

alignment centred
Aligned Centered

alignment right
Aligned Right

If a tile is within a column, the possible values are:
left, right or centered. (default: left)

If a tile is within a row, the possible values are:
top, bottom or centered. (default: centered)

You cannot specify the alignment along the long axis of a cluster. The first and last tiles in the cluster always align themselves to the ends of the column or row.

DCL Code Sample

alignment : dialog {				//dialog name
          label = "aligment" ;			//give it a label
	: button {				//define button
	  label="Button";			//give it a label
	  fixed_width=true;			//fix the width
	  alignment=right;			//align right
	}					//end button
        ok_cancel ;				//predefined OK/Cancel button
        }					//end dialog