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AutoLISP Forum at CADTutor

Why the CADTutor Forum?

When we redeveloped AfraLISP, we wondered whether we should include a user forum where people could swap ideas and get help when needed. What we quickly realised is that there are already some really good AutoLISP forums out there and so we decided to team up with an existing forum rather than start our own. That way, AfraLISP visitors get access to an already thriving community of AutoLISP programmers.

So, we teamed up with our good friends at CADTutor to bring you the latest AutoLISP forum threads on that great site. It's also worth checking out the AutoLISP Archive at CADTutor for some great free AutoLISP routines. Oh, and don't forget to check out the AutoCAD Tutorials and other great content at CADTutor.

AutoLISP, Visual LISP & DCL

Visit the AutoLISP forum at CADTutor for more threads - we're only showing the 25 most recent here. If you'd like to ask a question or contribute to a thread, you will need to register with the CADTutor forum; this is a simple process and you can find more details at the forum.