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The AutoLISP Input Box

by Kenny Ramage

Input Box

This routine is very similar to the Visual Basic Input Box Function. To use this routine you feed the function 3 arguments, the Input Box Prompt, the Title of the Input Box, and the Default Value of the Edit Box.

The syntax is straightforward:

	(inputbox "prompt" "title" "default")

For example, the Input Box above was called by using the following command:

	(inputbox "Enter Number" "AfraLisp Inputbox" "342.34")

The Input Box returns a variable "inputvalue" containing the value of the Edit Box.

Source Coding

First the DCL Coding :

inputbox : dialog {
	key = "title";
	: text {
	key = "prompt";
	: edit_box {
	key = "eb1";

And next the AutoLisp Coding :

(defun inputbox (prompt title default)
  (setq dcl_id (load_dialog "inputbox.dcl"))
  (if (not (new_dialog "inputbox" dcl_id))
  (set_tile "prompt" prompt)
  (set_tile "title" title)
  (set_tile "eb1" default)
  (mode_tile "eb1" 2)
     (setq result nil)"
    "(setq inputvalue (get_tile \"eb1\"))
     (setq result T)"
  (unload_dialog dcl_id)

If you would like the source coding for the the Input Box routine, just place your mouse here and click… Enjoy.