SetVariable Method

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Sets the value of an AutoCAD system variable.


VBA : object.SetVariable Name, Value

VL : (vla-SetVariable Name Value)

(vla-SetVariable thisdrawing "OSMODE" 0)

  • Object : Document
    The object or objects this method applies to.

  • Name : String; input-only
    The name of the system variable to set.

  • Value : Variant; input-only
    The new value for the specified system variable.


When setting system variables, AutoCAD may require integers, text, or double values. Passing the wrong data type (for example, passing a variant of type double when an integer is required) will generate an error. The easiest way to avoid this is to explicitly type your data before passing it.

For a list of all AutoCAD system variables and their types, please refer toSystem Variables.

Example :

(defun c:al-setvariable ()


(setq thisdrawing (vla-get-activedocument 

(vla-SetVariable thisdrawing "OSMODE" 0)



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