LauchBrowserDialog Method

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Launches the Web Browser dialog that allows the user to navigate to any URL and select a URL.


VBA : RetVal = object.LaunchBrowserDialog (SelectedURL,DialogTitle, OpenButtonCaption, StartPageURL, RegistryRootKey, OpenButtonAlwaysEnabled)

VL : RetVAL = (vla-LaunchBrowserDialog object SelectedURL DialogTitle  OpenButtonCaption StartPageURL RegistryRootKey OpenButtonAlwaysEnabled)

(vla-LaunchBrowserDialog util 'theurl "AfraLisp Browser"
                            "Open" "" "ACADBROWSER" 1)

  • Object : Utility
    The object or objects this method applies to.

  • SelectedURL : String; output-only
    The URL selected.

  • DialogTitle : String; input-only
    The title to be displayed for the browser dialog.

  • OpenButtonCaption : String; input-only
    The caption for the OK/Open button.

  • StartPageURL : String; input-only
    The URL that the Web Browser should use as its start page.

  • ReigstryRootKey : String; input-only
    Product root key for storing persistent Web Browser dialog information. This key specifies where information about the size, position, and other preferences information of the dialog can be stored across sessions. Input an empty string to disregard this functionality.

  • OpenButtonAlwaysEnabled : Boolean; input-only
    TRUE: The Open button is enabled, allowing a file or link to be selected.

    : The Open button is disabled and is only enabled when the user selects a file for download.

  • RetVal : Boolean
    TRUE: The Web Browser was opened successfully.
    FALSE: The Web Browser did not open successfully.


The last parameter, OpenButtonAlwaysEnabled, determines whether the user can select HTML links in addition to files that are "downloadable".

Example :

(defun c:al-launchbrowserdialog ()


(setq util (vla-get-utility 
(vla-LaunchBrowserDialog util 'theurl "AfraLisp Browser"
      "Open" "" "ACADBROWSER" 1)

(princ theurl)



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