HighLight Method

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Sets the highlight status for the given object, or for all objects in a given selection set.


VBA : object.Highlight HighlightFlag

VL : (vla-HighLight object HighlightFlag)

(vla-Highlight obj 1)

  • Object : All Drawing Objects, SelectionSet, AttributeReference, Group
    The object or objects this method applies to.

  • HighlightFlag :: Boolean; input-only
    TRUE: The object is highlighted.
    FALSE: The existing highlight is removed from the object.


Once the highlight flag for an object has been set, a call to the Update or Regen method is required to view the change.

Note that this function does not return the current highlight status of an object.

Example :

(defun c:al-highlight ()


(setq util (vla-get-utility 
(vla-getentity util 'obj 'ip "\nSelect Object: ")

(vla-Highlight obj 1)



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