ZoomPrevious Method

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Zooms the current viewport to its previous extents.


VBA : object.ZoomPrevious

VL : (vla-ZoomPrevious object)

(vla-ZoomPrevious acadapplic)

  • Object  : Application
    The object or objects this method applies to.


    This method applies only to the current active viewport (paper space viewport or model space viewport).
    This method zooms to display the previous view. You can restore up to 10 previous views.
    NOTE! If you change the shading with the SHADEMODE command the view is changed. If you perform a ZoomPrevious after changing the shading, it restores the previous view which is shaded differently, but not zoomed differently.

Example :

;Get a reference to the Application object 
(setq acadapplic (vlax-get-acad-object))

(vla-ZoomPrevious acadapplic)

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