AddAttribute Method

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Creates an attribute definition at the given location with the specified properties.


VBA : RetVal = object.AddAttribute(Height, Mode, Prompt, InsertionPoint, Tag, Value)

VL : RetVal = (vla-AddAtribute object Height Mode Prompt InsertionPoint Tag Value)

(vla-addattribute mspace height mode pr pt1 tag val)

  • Object : ModelSpace Collection, PaperSpace Collection, Block
    The object or objects this method applies to.
  • Height : Double; input-only
    The text height in the current drawing unit.
  • Mode : AcAttributeMode enum; input-only
    (any combination of constants can be used by adding them together):
  • Prompt String : input-only
    This string appears when a block containing this attribute is inserted. The default for this string is the Tag string. Inputting acAttributeModeConstant for the Mode parameter disables the prompt.
  • InsertionPoint : Variant (three-element array of doubles); input-only
    The 3D WCS coordinates specifying the location for the attribute.
    Tag String; input-only
    This non-null string identifies each occurrence of the attribute. Enter any characters except spaces or exclamation points. AutoCAD changes lowercase letters to uppercase.
  • Value String : input-only
    This non-null string is the default attribute value.
  • RetVal Attribute object
    The newly created Attribute object.


An attribute definition is associated to the block upon which it is created. Attribute definitions created on model space or paper space are not considered to be attached to any given block.
The attribute can be created with any or all of the following modes:

  • acAttributeModeInvisible:
    Specifies that attribute values won't appear when you insert the block. The ATTDISP system variable overrides the Invisible mode.
  • acAttributeModeConstant:
    Gives attributes a fixed value for block insertions.
  • acAttributeModeVerify:
    Prompts you to verify that the attribute value is correct when you insert the block.
  • acAttributeModePreset:
    Sets the attribute to its default value when you insert a block containing a present attribute. The value cannot be edited in this mode.

The AFLAGS system variable stores the mode setting. You can query this value using the GetVariable method, or set it using the SetVariable method.

Example :

;Create an attribute in ModelSpace.
;Ask for all parameters, except mode which is retrieved
;from the system variable AFLAGS, and create the attribute.
;Because this attribute is created in ModelSpace it is not
;attached to a block. 

(setq doc (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))

(setq mspace (vla-get-modelspace doc))

(setq pt1 (vlax-3d-point (setq pt (getpoint "\nInsertion point: "))))

(setq height (getdist "\nHeight: " pt))

(setq mode (getvar "AFLAGS")
      pr   (getstring "Prompt: ")
      tag  (getstring "Tag: ")
      val  (getstring "Initial value: ")

(vla-addattribute mspace height mode pr pt1 tag val)
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