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The errtile tile is defined in the Base.Dcl file.
The key of the errtile is 'error'.
DCL Coding: 
lisp48f : dialog {				//dialog name
          label = "errtile" ;			//give it a label

        ok_cancel ;				//predefined OK/Cancel button

	errtile;				//predefined Error tile

        }					//end dialog 

AutoLisp Coding: 
(defun C:lisp48f ()
;define function	

  (setq dcl_id (load_dialog "lisp48f.dcl"))
  ;load dialog

  (if (not (new_dialog "lisp48f" dcl_id)
  ;test for dialog


    ;exit if no dialog


      ;if O.K. pressed
      "(done_dialog) (setq userclick T)"
      ;close dialog, set flag	
   );action tile

    ;if cancel button pressed

    "(done_dialog) (setq userclick nil)"	
    ;close dialog, lower flag


    ;the following would be called
    ;from your error handler
    ;if there is an error

     "There has been an *Error*"
     ;display this message


  ;start dialog
  (unload_dialog dcl_id)

  (if userclick
  ;if OK selected

     (alert "You selected OK")
     ;inform the user

     (alert "You selected Cancel")
     ;inform the user




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