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I am coding a program in VB which creates DWF files once you select a directory where you have your DWG files. This runs in a loop opening each DWG and generating DWF. My problem is that when it opens the second DWG it pops up a dialog box which say's "Save changes to C:\xxx.dwg" and gives you three options of "Yes/No/Cancel". Is there any way we can suppress this dialog box.

The steps my program will perform are:

(1) Open the DWG file
(2) Create a temp layer where I can put hatch pattern in the rooms (This involes query from database. Each room has diff. pattern and attribute which comes from DB)
(3) Create the DWF file with the hatch patterns inculed and the attributes of the room
(4) I do not want to save the DWG file since we only require hatch pattern for DWF
(5) Open the next DWG file and do the same

If you can help me out I will appreciate it very much. I know you have worked lot on VB/VBA/LISP

Hope to hear from you soon.


Anwarul M Sufi


You can use the "SetDbMod" method of asdkunsupp2000.ARX (R14 users can get the same functionality using AcadUnsupp.ARX from the same page)

To force "DBMOD" to 0 prior to opening the next drawing. After you download the ARX, follow the instructions in the help file for registering it, then use code like this:

Public Sub SetDbMod()
Dim objSup As AsdkUNSUPP2000Lib.Application
Set objSup = _
objSup.SetDbMod 0
End Sub

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