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Would you like to create a hyperlink to your favourite website on a form using VBA?
Thought so!
Open a new project in VBA and insert a new Userform.
Add a label to the form and change the caption to the URL of your website.
Change the colour of the label to Blue - Underlined.
Now add the following coding to the click event of the label :

'<- Coding Starts Here

Private Sub Label1_Click()
Dim nFile As Integer

'Write a temp file URL
nFile = FreeFile

Open "TEMP.URL" For Output As #nFile
Print #nFile, "[InternetShortcut]"
Print #nFile, "URL="
Close #nFile

'Launch the browser
Shell "rundll32.exe shdocvw.dll,OpenURL " & "\temp.url", vbNormalFocus

'Delete the temp file

End Sub

' Coding Ends Here

Voila, you have a hyperlink on your form.

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