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What i need is a list of all xref in a drawing included in your date & time stamp when inserted in a drawing it is automatically write all the xref's that a drawing are using.


I can certainly provide you with a list of Xrefs in your drawing :

(defun c:getxref ()

;retrieve a reference to the Active Document
(setq activedocument (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-Acad-Object)))

;retrieve a reference to the blocks
(setq theblocks (vla-get-blocks activedocument))

;create an empty list
(setq theList '())

;process each block
(vlax-for item theblocks

;check if it's an Xref
(setq yesxref (vlax-get-property item 'isXref))

;if it is
(if (= yesxref :vlax-true)

;do the following

;get the Xref name
(setq ablock (vlax-get-property item 'Name))

;store it in the list
(setq theList (append (list ablock) theList))




;print the list
(princ theList)



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