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Would you like to be able to delete any entity in your drawing by just double-clicking on it? Try this out :




(prompt "\nDC-Delete loaded. Do NOT Run.....)

(vlr-mouse-reactor "Delete Object" '((:vlr-beginDoubleClick . DC-Delete)))

(defun DC-Delete (theReactor thePoint / )

(setq objectPoint (car thePoint))

(setq acadDocument (vla-get-activedocument
(setq ssets (vla-get-selectionsets acadDocument))

(setq newsset (vla-add ssets "SS1"))

(vla-selectAtPoint newsset (vlax-3D-point objectPoint))

(setq theObject (vla-item newsset 0))

(vla-delete theObject)

(vla-delete (vla-item ssets "SS1"))




Copy and paste this into the Visual Lisp Editor and save it as "DC-Delete.lsp".
Now load the application but do NOT run it.
Double-click on any object in you drawing.'s turned into a rabbit, albeit an invisible one.

Can you see the potental for this type of reactor? Double-click on a text object,
and the text edit box opens. Double-click on a line and the properties dialog opens.
Double-click on your liquor cabinet and the bar opens. Hey, the possibilities are endless.

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